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Cat In The Bag

  • Cat In The Bag
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The Cat in the Bag is a fantastic take on the old saying Who let the cat out of the bag.   In this case, no one as there is a velcro strip preventing such a thing from happening.  This ingenious novelty gift features a motorised ball that is placed in the bag with the cat's tail poking out.  The weight spinning round in the ball makes the bag tumble and move around the room as if a cat is really in the bag! The Cat in the Bag will have the room in uproar!  These will make wonderful Birthday and Christmas gifts, but who needs an excuse?  Treat yourself.  Can you imagine giving the Cat in the Bag to your children and watching their faces as this crazy animal stumbles It's way round the room?!  Is grandma asleep in front of the telly?  Well this is bound to wake her up when she sees a crazed Cat in a Bag tumbling towards her.  The Cat in the Bag is a funny novelty gift that will get tons of laughs without having to call out the RSPCA.  The only cruel thing would be to turn it off!

  • Bag measures approx 23 x 12 x 8 cm.
  • Requires 1 x AA battery.
  • Bag moves thanks to a motorised ball inside the bag which can be turned on and off by the press of a switch.
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